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About Me

What is there to say about me? I’m an anime junkie, and have the shirt to prove it. Lol. I spend half my time playing World of Warcraft and reading. I live in a tourist city and hardly go out to explore unless my friends have the night off. I’m quite the submissive, follower-type of gal who enjoys the company of others. I find watching anime very soul cleansing. It helps in the dreaming area also. I love to draw pictures of Lycan creatures. I enjoy sunbathing while reading. I collect cards such as Pokemon, Yugioh, and Naruto trading cards. I live life for others but also for myself when I’m feeling greedy >D. Lol

Wow I think I listed quite a bit. o.o I didn’t even mean too but oh well. Anything else about me revolves around the same things. Anime. Love. Games. Art.