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Calorie Counting Countdown

April 29th, 2014 by Ariel Martinez

So I started a diet about 10 days ago. IKR?~ Yay me~ But at the same time I am so angry and fed up. Counting calories while interesting and seemingly easy, is actually a huge pain in the arse. Sure you think about how much you eat a day and laugh it off like damn I could easily eat less than the calories I’m limited at, but it is not so easy. You soon begin to realize those foods you weren’t eating so much of, are packed so full of calories you were over eating anyways. A bag of Doritos although delightful to the taste buds, are so skimpy when it comes to fullness and satisfaction that you can literally eat through a days worth of calories before you reach the bottom of the bag!~ And simply snacking on them at all as you quickly find out, is a huge waste! You only get so many calories a day, and after going hungry for a few days as you stick to this diet, you begin to learn while some foods are extremely delightful they are also not worth the hunger pains. And so we move onto moderation. We eat our greens and lean meats, maybe eat some fruits for a dessert but only when we feel vulnerable or needy just one bite of our choice foods to help curb the desire is hard but more than enough.

After the first week, I found plenty of foods I enjoy, that I could snack on until I exploded and still have calories left for treats. However, calorie counting is not just about filling up on whats low, but eating whats needed for a balanced and nutritious lifestyle. While it is important and practically calorie free to fill up on veggies like a fresh salad with carrots and maybe some white mushrooms, and of course pickles go a LONG way~ it isn’t wise if that’s all your counting. Protein found in eggs can be very beneficial and decent enough in calories that you can add a couple a day and get about your recommended dose.

The one thing that needs to be remembered through all this. is dieting is hard! If it wasn’t everyone would be doing it. However the hardest part is learning to tell yourself “No, I don’t need that.” and believing yourself when you pull back on your old desires. The more you hang in there, and the more you try and stick to your diet the easier it will become on you and your body to just know what you need, what you want, and take moderation with light steps. And don’t forget to congratulate yourself, when you stick to your diet and make wise choices, to discipline yourself but to be rational if you ever feel yourself begin to wane. To look back and take a deep breath and consider what you are possibly losing out on for the sake of a delicious and unhealthy treat. But most of all, just remember to love. Love your food, your diet, and your body, no matter the outcome, because you are perfect in every shape and form you take.

Love Your best friend and devoted life partner,

The Stars Make Love to the Universe

March 31st, 2014 by Ariel Martinez

My mind is constantly racing. Fears, Doubts and Insecurities, my only friends. I was never good at making friends. Those I ended up getting close to, pulled me in with false words and fake smiles, as they pulled me in tight, giving me security till I felt the blade trickle up my spine.

I breathe in deeply, becoming one with the poison cloud of my life. Letting it build till my pores ache and moan in discomfort. Feeling every inch of me burn and itch as I try to spread my black wings, desperately trying to clean the air, and I suffocate.

And there you are, grabbing my hand and thrusting me into your hold, away from the miasma. I feel my mind finally fall into an ease I’m not used to, erupting from the pit of my heart, my most uncontrollable fears. Each pouring out through my actions unintentionally, pushing you back. Hurting you till you bleed, begging for more as you give me all I am allowed and I ache at my selfishness. Why do you do this to me?

You make me feel so alive, but I’d be better left lying on the floor. Better for you, and better for everyone else who has ever had the displeasure of knowing me, but you… You make me so selfish, and I can only fall to my knees and beg for forgiveness as I demand your eternal love. Love me. </3